To get more english speakers involved - a good translation tool for this forum?
  • yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber Январь 2012
    I have been trying to get Google translate or Babelfish to work with this forum and both are very bad at handling the site, navigation &c. Is there an automatic translation tool that you could install for the forum? It would make the site much more accessible for non-Russian speakers.
  • doctorgrifdoctorgrif Январь 2012
    I am afraid that google and other automatic translators can not cope with a particular slang zhileley former Soviet Union. The bulk of these "catch", but "chip" will be lost:)
    Either we have to pull up your conversational English or Russian :) , and both are equally fascinating.
    Отредактированно doctorgrif в 2012-01-07 05:21:08
  • yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber Январь 2012
    My problem is there is so much of interest here on this forum but as it is all in Russian and I can't understand it, the ability to auto translate would be very nice. Any translation tool would be better than none.
    Отредактированно yereverluvinuncleber в 2012-01-08 17:00:35
  • yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber Ноябрь 2012
    If you want English speakers to show interest in Joostina then you need to have an English language forum or at the very least a site that translates into other languages.
  • yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber Ноябрь 2013
    I have decided to revert my joostina sites back to joomla. The reason being is that the forums and support is all in Russian with no translation tools. This limits the acceptance of Joostina to only Russian speakers. I have backed up my Joostina sites just in case you ever get your act together and get a multi-lingual CMS and forum going properly (you need both to survive). I really liked Joostina but the direction you are taking it is the wrong way.

    Finally, a lot of junk mail of the forum indicates a dead forum and therefore a dead product. Sad.
  • yereverluvinuncleberyereverluvinuncleber Декабрь 2013
    FYI - I reverted back to joomla 1.0.15 those sites that were previously converted to Joostina 1.2. A simple copying of all core code at the administrator level and then at the front end level - components, includes &c, kept the whole system working while the 'downgrade' was carried out. The end result is a slightly enhanced Joomla 1.0.15 system...

    Unhappy that core Joostina died - looking forward to a happy future - next project include all languages, make the site and code accessible to English speakers.

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